We Want to Know: Who are the Best Fans in the MAC?


Bobcat supporters have been deemed the “best fans in the MAC” for years. Opposing teams used to fear playing in the Convocation Center because the O-Zone would heckle players relentlessly.

But now it’s time to put that title to the test: are Bobcat fans just living in the past, or do they still have the most school spirit?

We want to hear from other schools. Let Campus Compared know what you think by tweeting us reasons why your school should dethrone the O-Zone as the best fans in the MAC. CC will rank each school based on participation, attendance, best chant, online interaction and traditions. Use the hashtag #CCBestFans on Instagram and Twitter to interact with other students from your school and with your rivals. Send us pictures, videos or any other sort of proof that will help us determine your claim. Share our link with your fellow supporters to come out on top in the online interaction category.

Prove that you have the best student section in the MAC. Send us your opinions, pictures and videos!

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