Cashing In: Are College Sports Worth It?


In an attempt to make my story clickable and conversational to readers, my goal is to create a hashtag on Twitter to get people talking about the story.

Since the idea of behind my piece is to determine whether or not universities benefit from a good sports program, I want to find the people out there who see excess spending on sports as wasteful. When Ohio University chose to create the Sook Center and Walter Fieldhouse for college athletes, some were excited about the possibility of good sports teams while others were upset about finances going toward sports rather than academics. My goal is to find the people on either end of the debate and connect with them on Twitter using the hashtag #aresportsworthit.

After garnering responses to the hashtag, my plan is to compile all of the reactions into a Storify document and then add that into the story as a social element. The Storify portion of the article would serve as a “what do you think” section that would make readers feel involved and allow their voices to be heard on the subject.

In order to get responses, my plan is to Tweet consistently about the story and whether or not people think a good sports program is more valuable than a strong academic program.

Some example Tweets include “How much is too much to spend on college sports?” “How important was a good sports program in your college decision? Let us know!”

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