Looking To Drink In Athens? Where Should You Go?

Photo via The Athens News
Photo via The Athens News

A View Of Court Street- Uptown Athens, OH —–>Photo by John Paul Sullivan


Throughout this project, I have been profiling the 15 primary bars in Athens. I have been making my rounds at all of the bars, while also finding out the main drinks and drink specials at each respective bar.

For¬†the interactive portion of this project, I have created a google map of all of the bars. Each interactive point on the map displays each bar’s address, phone number and website, when applicable.

Most of the bars are located on Athens’ famous Court Street, and the other few bars are located on West State Street and West Carpenter Street.

I have broken down the number of bars by street and listed all of the bars that are on each street.

High Number Of Court Street Bars Good For Students And The University?

Is the high concentration of bars on just one street good for college students and the environment of the school?

Pigskin employees, Jon Davis and Chaz Hoecker definitely think that having the majority of Athens’ bars located on North Court Street is great for the university and its students.

Chaz Hoecker said, “I think it’s good for the students just because they can be more controlled and they’re not all over the campus. You’re basically in one spot, and it’s away from actual campus [in a way].

“I think its good to separate the industry so that the bars are all on this side [North] of Court Street and on the other end of Court Street, you have multiple food places that cater to underage students. This section [South Court] of the street is also closer to the dorms and helps make the environment safer,” Jon Davis said of the benefits of having most of the bars in a confined area on campus.

How Do Other Schools Compare?

I have created a map of bars at the University of Miami in Oxford, OH. As you can see, Oxford’s High Street is very similar to Court Street here in Athens.

If you know friends at other MAC schools, how does their bar scene compare to the bar scene here at OU? Are the bars as concentrated at their school as they are in Athens? Please feel free to submit any maps you come across!




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