Bar-Ohio University Student Social Relationship

Ohio University- College Green; Photo by the Associated Press

Ohio University- College Green; Photo by the Associated Press

In the southeast corner of the state of Ohio lies Athens. This historic town is home to one of the 10 oldest public universities in the entire country – Ohio University.

When high school seniors thinks about applying to OU, they weigh more considerations than the school’s age or its academic reputation.

After all, it was named the No. 1 party school in America in the summer of 2011.

Besides academics, cost and proximity, students choosing a university frequently ask themselves, what kind of social experience will I be able to have at this school?

Bars represent so much of what Ohio University is about and are some of the more sociable things a student can do while on campus that Campus Compared has explored the bar scene in Athens for you and compared it with one of Ohio University’s main rivals, Miami.

As far as the social scene goes, the school is primarily known to outsiders for its Halloween block party, and annual Spring fest season- highlighted  by Mill Fest, High Fest, Palmer Fest and #Fest.

In my opinion, these five weekends are five of the best weekends any college student can imagine having while attending school. It’s amazing to see the large amount of people out partying at one time.

Unfortunately, not every weekend or house party can live up to the standard set by these five special weekends in Athens.

However, one of the hidden gems of Ohio University is its bar scene. OU is home to 15 bars within a half mile distance, most on Court Street.

Bars are a great opportunity for college students to meet other people on a nightly basis.With over 15 bars in town, it’s almost impossible for the average Ohio University  student to not want to go out at least two nights a week.

How do the pubs of Athens represent Ohio University and its students? Specialty drinks and daily drink specials highlight what college students are looking for to enjoy their social lives- a place to have a great time for a low cost!

Many of the bars in Athens also serve food and often run weekly specials. Of the 15 bars on the primary bar strip in Athens, seven currently serve food.

The Pigskin, Courtside Pizza, Casa Nueva, Broney’s, Stephen’s, The Pub, and Lucky’s are the seven active bars serving food. The Overhang and Red Brick recently closed their respective kitchens.

Some of the notable bar food specials include: 50 cent slice night on Wednesday at Courtside Pizza, $4.75 chicken parmesan dinner on Thursday at Lucky’s and $5.99 wraps and sandwiches on Monday at Pigskin.

The daily drink specials at the bars in Athens are less than the prices of bars in bigger cities. With Pawpurrs’ 50 cent draft night on Tuesdays and daily Primetime hour, students can always count on at least one bar to get their drink on for cheap.

Other great bar specials in town include: Luckys’ $5 liquor pitchers on Wednesdays, Progressive Fridays at Cat’s Den and $2 blue Moon drafts at Broney’s and Courtside.

When considering the main bars in Athens, it’s hard to ignore the fact that most of the bars are in one central area. 12 bars are on Court Street, two are on West State Street and Broney’s is on West Carpenter Street.

The uptown bar area is a very convenient walk for most students on campus. The bar layout around Court Street is also very similar to the layout on High Street in Oxford, OH.

All of the students and bar employees that I have talked with throughout my project have raved about the bar scene in Athens. The daily number of drink specials, different bar variety and overall atmosphere make for a really good time for any student attending Ohio University.



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