Athens, Ohio: A Bobcat Bar Heaven

OU Alumni 7-18-13

Bobcats are known drinkers.

Ohio University has appeared on Princeton Review’s Top Party School list several times over the past decade.

So exactly where are OU students drinking and what drink specials are they able to enjoy on campus?

For this project, my piece will focus on the different alcoholic drinks and overall bar scene in Athens, OH. I will discuss the weekly specials at the bars, as well as each bar’s signature drink. This is useful information for students at Ohio University because they want to know which drinks they can find at each bar and how much they can expect to pay when they go out.

Not 21? Incoming students will also find this information useful when they become of legal drinking age.

I will be taking a look at the Athens Main Bar Strip:

1. Pigskin

2. C.I.

3. Pawpurr’s

4. The Pub

5. J-Bar

6. Stephen’s

7. The Overhang

8. Courtside

9. Broney’s

10. Cat’s Eye Saloon

11. Tony’s

12. Casa Nueva

13. Lucky’s

14. Red Brick

15. The Crystal


By the end of this project, I will be able to determine how OU’s bar scene compares to other schools and how students feel about the high number of bars being concentrated in one area. I will also compile a list of the popular drinks and daily/weekly drink specials at the bars here in town. I hope to have visual pictures for each bar’s signature drink, as well!

For example, some well-known signature drinks include:

Lucky’s– Liquor Pitcher

Pawpurr’s– Blackout

Pigskin- Black Widow

I will tweet with the hashtag #OUBarSpecial when applicable.

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