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As of now, this is what the site looks like. Who knows what it will look like by the time you're reading this? (Feb. 3 2015)

As of now, this is what the site looks like. Who knows what it will look like by the time you’re reading this? (Feb. 3 2015)

We finally made it! It’s our last semester at OU, our last semester to take in all that Court St. has to offer, our last semester to take fabulous classes such as this capstone, and our last semester before the real world hits…

Who are we kidding? I’m not even graduating yet. Awkward junior in the house! Technically, by credits, I am a senior, but since I made the decision to graduate with two majors, I’m graduating in December. Yay! (If you didn’t already read the byline, this is Kate, by the way.)

But back to the actual point of this blog post. This semester, those of us producing the content, social media, design, etc. of this website are enrolled in JOUR 4870, a.k.a. Online Publication Design & Promotion with Dr. Hans Meyer. We will be bringing all sorts of interesting stories to you, from fun features to serious news and more. But it isn’t just us — we’re working with one of the Strategic Communication capstone classes as well. Next week, they’ll be presenting us with marketing pitches, or something along those lines. Unfortunately I can’t even pretend to know what that means, but if you’re reading this because of some of their excellent marketing skills, then kudos!

Anywho, as one of the five members of the design team, and the one who happened upon a ton of free time in the past few days, it was up to me to work with Dr. Meyer to set up our site. If you’re reading this development blog post, congrats! You found it. We’re piggy-backing off some preexisting server stuff and are currently attached to Southeast Ohio Magazine’s URL, but eventually we will have our own domain and we’ll feel official (check back later for that).

So far, we haven’t done a lot. I’m working on organizing the site so that our development blog is separate from the rest of the posts, but if it isn’t I’m personally not too worried about it as long as all DB posts are labeled as such. Everyone (to my knowledge) has registered an account so we will be ready to post when we have content. Each person in the class is required to submit a multimedia project with the following four elements:

  1. Social
  2. Interactive
  3. Multimedia
  4. Writing

It isn’t rocket science…though coming up with a topic that would keep my interest for four months and that would allow me to combine the aforementioned elements wasn’t the easiest feat. Another part of the requirements for our project is a design component, but I think a significant bulk of that will fall to the design/web staff because we’re building this thing. (But seriously, if everyone wants to do their own and we just make sure it all works and doesn’t blow up the site, I’m totally cool with that.)

There isn’t a lot to write about yet, since we’re just starting off. But there will be more to come once we meet as a group and start figuring out the categories from our Editorial group and get some social media logos/other info from the Strategic Communication capstone.


Until next week,

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