Development Blog Post #10

I’m back again for a weekend update and am writing this from Nashville, Tennessee, which is the first stop of my spring break trip with my roommates.

Yes, I should be taking a break from class work, but we want to keep updating our site with developments on our progress.

I’m a member of the editing team, so it’s mine and my team members’ duty to make sure everything is free of mistakes before being published.

Being in this position has kept me fairly busy throughout the first seven weeks of the semester. We’ve been going through project proposals from everyone in the class and giving feedback about where they should start some of their research, as well as making sure everyone is staying on the ball and getting their work done on time.

Then again, all of us at Campus Compared have been busy with different duties. There’s a team dedicated to keeping the website pristine and making sure all the barebones are in place before we start publishing parts of our projects.

The other team is focused on community engagement. My classmates on that team are involved in starting social media accounts and spreading the word about the cool stuff we’re planning to publish before the end of the semester.

Stay tuned for when spring break ends, because we will have social media components of our projects on the site full of curation from around the web and reporting of our own. That’ll be the first part of our projects to be published and should give you a better idea of what our final projects will look like.

I’m looking forward to seeing everything begin to come together when we return to campus!

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