Development Blog Post #8

It’s been a hectic week full of projects, papers and midterms before students leave campus for spring break.

But don’t worry, we’re going to continue our development blog posts during break!

This is my first development blog post and if you’ve been reading my classmates’ posts, we’ve been busy through the first seven weeks of the semester.

This week, we started social media accounts for Campus Compared. As we begin to post more content to this site, it will be shared on various platforms. Feel free to follow our Twitter account @CampusCompared to stay in tune with our various stories.

Throughout the madness of taking other classes and being involved in extracurriculars, I’ve been busy working on starting the social media component of my project, which is about arrests on various college campuses.

That’s the essense of our site: Comparing what we think are important issues at Ohio University and seeing if the case is the same at other colleges.

Full disclosure, I’ve never been arrested. Some of my friends, however, have been for various reasons.

I feel my topic will be more timely as the weather gets warmer. Come the second weekend of March, each weekend a fest will be held on streets where students live off campus. They’re notorious for drinking and other debauchery that tends to get a dozen or so students arrested every weekend.

I work at The Post, OU’s independent student newspaper. We publish stories the Monday after every fest disclosing how many students were arrested each weekend, so I have a general understanding of why OU students get arrested.

Not every school has the same springtime celebrations, though.

I’m hoping to find out if students, for the same or different reasons, are arrested at other colleges.

Keep checking in throughout the semester as I continue my research to see if OU is an anomaly or if college students just make bad decisions.

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