Development Blog Post #6

Well everyone, I’m back again with my second update of the week! The Community Engagement team has been working hard, just like the rest of you have in trying to make this project be the best it can possibly be this semester.

First of all, I wanted to let everybody know that we have set up the official Twitter and Instagram accounts for this project, and we would love to start following everyone and receive the follow-back as well! We can talk about it more during class this week.

The official Instagram account is: campuscompared

The official Twitter account is: @campuscompared

The twitter account will be official as soon as Lucas takes care of a few technical issues. Twitter wants Lucas to give a phone number to verify that he is a real person since his phone number is currently being used for his personal account.

Also, as we all know, we need to have our rough draft for the social media portion of the story finished before class this Tuesday night. There are several ideas I plan to place on paper for a rough draft this week.

My portion of the project is comparing the average drinks and drink prices at the bars here in Athens, and I will try to do the same at other schools if possible.

Some of my ideas include:

– Facebook posts of all of the bars in Athens listing their average drink prices and naming their most popular drink specials. I would definitely include pictures with the posts.

– The same concept with bars from other schools if possible. One of my friends is at Ole Miss, for example. I also have a friend from OU who lives near Long Beach State, a friend at WVU and a couple of friends back home at Frostburg State University.

– Instagram photos of the best specials and most popular drinks at the bars here in Athens.

– Tweets listing each bar’s most popular drink(s) and nightly specials when applicable.

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