Development Blog Post #4

Han and his Tauntaun on Hoth

Athens, Ohio, in the past week


Journalism stops for no one, except for perhaps absolute zero. Until then, however, our capstone class continues to march on, despite our beautiful campus looking more and more each day like Hoth.

And so, despite classes mercifully being cancelled later in the week, on Tuesday we met in Scripps for another 3-ish hours of trying to further wrap our heads around the enormous task put before us. What do our readers want to read? How should we present it to them? Who is going to inform them? What should the website look like? How soon should our stories be in a presentable form? Running a website, a few weeks in, has turned out to be an exciting and admittedly slow-going process.

However, our spirits remain unbroken, and we are committed to bringing excellent content to the readers of this site, despite our other classes and indeed even our other capstone responsibilities requiring attention. The Design team met this week and continued to improve the look of our site. Now armed with a .com homepage, we created categories for all the articles we are going to be producing over the course of the semester. Food & Drink, Politics, Sports, Finances, and Campus Life will be the headings under which our articles will become available on the site.

Myself, I’m working on an article comparing the Ohio University we have all come to love and live in to that of the past. I’ll save going more in depth for my second developmental blog, which will be coming up later this week.

Until then, be sure to join the conversation by using the #CampusCompared on social media, and let us know what you’d like to see and what you like already!


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