Development Blog Post #12


As Ohio University Students return from a week of spring break students are moping around Athens in their Mexicoma’s and wishing they were in a little bit warmer weather, but we will take what we can get! Why? Because this Friday marks our first official fest of the 2015 season and it brings so much excitement yet sadness into our hearts. For those seniors out there I know you are hoping to treat this fest season like it was your first and I have so much faith that you will!

As sad as it is to be discussing this year coming to an end we do have a lot of great stories in the works for you here at Campus Compared. And the closer the end of the school year gets, the closer you (our viewers) get to reading these great stories we have for you. Our community engagement team has recently set up all of our social media platforms, make sure to follow us on Twitter Instagram Facebook  and Vine. We will be releasing information on our upcoming stories as well as looking for feedback from you, our viewers. Stay connected with us here at Campus Compared as the final pieces of our site start to come together!

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