Development Blog Post #11


It’s spring break, and classes are off. For some reasons, I am still assigned to maintain the development blog. There is not much to talk about since everyone is away, but I might be able to talk about what we planned to do last week.

First, I am from the design team. We worked a lot on the CSS file last week. My team member Kate and I talked about how we wanted the site to look even better by making most of the layout lines less obtrusive. We thought we would need to change the color from solid black to light gray and make them thinner. These can be achieved by changing some codes in the CSS file. Also, we were trying to look for alternative fonts, hoping to make the site’s typography a bit cleaner and more reading-friendly. My taste would be Google’s Roboto, which looks a lot like the famous Helvetica, but the team needs to have a discussion on this before making the final change. Current font does not bother that much either, though.

Second, we managed to add a Twitter widget on the sidebar finally. You should follow our Twitter account if you have not already.

For the whole class, I believe everyone is working to get their social component for their final project done, despite their one-week break. Personally, I’m working on the issue of Net Neutrality and how it affects college students. There is a lot going on with the FCC making the Internet free, open and crucial for lives as a utility. I have gathered a lot of related voices and concerns on social media, so stay tuned for my social component article on Campus Compared. I would also love to have you, the audience, join me in this project as well by participating in my call-to-action.

Finally, there is a snow storm coming. It’s cold, but certainly not lonely. I have the Internet and my computer at home warmed by the heater. Have a blast during the break, and stay safe!

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