Development Blog #16

Well, the end of the semester is fast-approaching.

While students across campus are finishing papers and preparing for finals, the Campus Compared team is gearing up to finish our individual projects. We’ll be putting the finishing touches on lots of stories, ranging from graduation rates to dorm life in cities and college towns.

In the last addition to our projects, our journalists added data-driven graphics to compare several colleges campuses.

Chad Lindskog looked at undercover arrests in Athens, Kent, Akron and Bowling Green, Ohio, to see which campus had the most arrests. Want to find out which college town had the most arrests? Check out his story here.

Diving into the world of sports, Lucas Widman pitted MAC East fans against MAC West fans by comparing their Twitter followings.

If you’re ever craving a late night bite, Kat Cook tells you where to go with her map that lays out where OU students’ favorite places to eat are. Explore Athens dining by watching several testimonies from students.

Tuition is always a hot-topic for college kids, so Kate Hiller created a cool graphic to show you how tuition at colleges throughout Ohio compares. How does your school stack up? Find out!

Keep watching for more information about college campuses in Ohio and throughout the country.

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