Development Blog Post #13


Hey there bobcats, happy mill fest eve! I hope you all are all resting up on this rainy day. While your lounging around today make sure you catch up with all of our social media components we have recently released on our site. Checking out our social media components will give all of you a greater idea of the wide variety of stories we have coming up for you here at campus compared!

Maria Fischer is looking for your input on college in big cities vs. colleges in small towns. So Bobcats, did you look at big city schools before you committed to Ohio University? Let us know your take on college campuses in big cities vs. college campuses in smaller cities, we want your voice at #campuscompared !

Katie Hiller is working on a great story in regards to the rise in college tuition. Something that students living in Ohio or attending school in Ohio can relate to. Check out Katie’s social media research on the rise of college tuition and let us know how you feel about the rise of college tuition. Visit our social media sites and tell us how you feel with #RaiseHellNotTuition.

Haylee Pearl jumps in deep with the conversation of sexual assault on campuses. Fuck rape culture is a group standing up against sexual assault on Ohio Universities campus. Make sure you check out Haylee’s social media component to learn more about the fuck rape culture movement, as well as get to know more about groups against sexual assault on campuses around the U.S. !

We have a lot of great stories coming up and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Fest on Bobcats!


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