Trading NYC for Athens, Ohio

Trading NYC for Athens, Ohio

My project stresses the importance of a school’s location—how can a college be your “perfect match” if you aren’t in love with the campus?

But even if you swear up and down that you are “made for life in the city” or claim that you are a “die-hard fan” of your college town, sometimes we don’t know our campus preferences as well as we thought we did.

Look at me.

As a senior in high school, I was determined to find a college located in a big city. I scoured the Internet for reviews and application suggestions, scheduled numerous campus tours and flew all over the eastern coast of the United States to find my dream city school.

I ultimately chose to attend Fordham University, a small Jesuit college located in Manhattan.

However, a few months into my freshman year, I had a sinking feeling that Fordham’s urban campus wasn’t right for me. I underestimated the important role that a large, lively campus in a quaint college town played in my idea of the perfect college experience.

Although the decision was difficult, switching from a big city to a college town was the best choice I could have made for me.

This video slideshow explains the thought process behind my transfer from a city campus to a small town.

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