Let It Out! Share Your Post-Grad Woes on Twitter


Class of 2015: Graduation is looming, and it’s pretty terrifying.

Instead of talking off the ears of your friends and family members (there’s only so much they can handle), you can also take to social media to express your stress.

Twitter has proved to be an open forum filled with both soon-to-be grads griping about concerns and post-grads providing advice. Even though the advice isn’t always the most helpful, you can usually gain some comedic relief from it.

It’s my goal to spark a productive conversation between college upperclassmen and post grads to provide soon-to-be grads with some honest advice. The Twitter account, @PostGradChat, hopes to facilitate this conversation through the hashtag #PostGradProblems and provide advice for everything from surviving your first day on the job to settling into your new city to dealing with our money-hungry friend, Sallie Mae.

So, fellow college seniors, get to griping!


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