Internship Opportunity: City vs. College Town

What schools like Fordham University lack in campus community is made up through career connections, Morgan Fortier said.

“Because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the media, I decided there was no better place to get my education than the media epicenter of the world,” Fortier said. “In New York City, I have access to the top professors and internships in the industry.”

Connections to people in high places is what drew Thottam to an urban Boston campus. Thottam decided to go to Northeastern because of their well-established co-op program, their internship connections and the fact that many companies involved in biochemical research and pharmaceuticals are based in the New England area.

Unfortunately for students living in college towns, internship opportunities and connections come in smaller doses.

“Athens definitely lacks internships,” Andrew Dolan said. “If you want to intern, you need to go to bigger cities.”

Andrew Stunczuk agreed.

“I don’t even attempt to intern during the school year,” he said. “I’m better off going back to NYC and interning at home in the summer.”

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