Green Space: City vs. College Town

When touring potential schools as a high school senior, Andrew Dolan said he looked for campuses with lots of green space and a “home-y” feel. His search led him to Athens, Ohio. He noticed the Ohio University campus seamlessly intertwines with its surrounding small town and was immediately sold.

“There is nothing like a college town campus,” Dolan, a junior studying chemical engineering, said. “It’s the perfect campus for me.”

But students who attend school in a big city should anticipate trading in those sprawling greens for concrete sidewalks.

“Fordham University at Lincoln Center is the ultimate urban campus,” Morgan Fortier, a junior studying Communications and Media in Manhattan, said.

And she prefers it that way: all of Fortier’s classes are contained within one, 12-story high-rise. Instead of trekking across a large campus, Fortier’s journey to class only involves a convenient elevator from floor to floor.

Although campus green space is limited, Fortier takes advantage of Fordham’s elevated outdoor space known simply as “the Plaza,” the hangout spot among Fordham students. Fortier described the Plaza as a grassy, open space peppered with sculptures, benches and breezy walkways—a stark contrast to the school’s city surroundings. When the Plaza isn’t enough, Central Park is down the block.

However, for Andrew Stanczuk, a junior studying engineering technology and management at Ohio University, even Central Park couldn’t replace a spacious campus. Originally from Brooklyn, Stanczuk started his college career at New York University but said college in the city just didn’t feel “right.” He transferred to Ohio after visiting the campus.

“There’s actually trees here,” he said. “You can’t replace a real campus.”

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