Graduation rates vary by type of institution


The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center conducted a survey in 2013 called Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates – Fall 2007 Cohort. For six years, the study tracked the completion of degrees from first-time students who started college in fall of 2007 nationwide. The data featured below tells us that 50.6 percent of students complete college within six years at the same university in which they started pursuing their degree. In contrast, 21.6 percent of students were no longer enrolled in any college after six years, and had not obtained a degree.

While comparable data were not available for Ohio University, it is interesting to compare the time in which students have taken to complete their degree. Data from the Ohio University Office of Institutional Research shows the graduation rates of Ohio University students between 2000-09, and the percentage of degrees completed in four, five and six years. The second graph below depicts that a majority (between 44 and 51 percent) of students completed their degree in four years, where a very small percentage took six years.

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