From Whence We Came: A Look Back At OU’s History

College Green, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (1970s)

Ohio University started more than 200 years ago but its history still very much affects the lives of everyone involved in it up to the present day. My article will focus on four different aspects of Ohio University, starting with the origins of Ohio University and including the rivalry with Miami University that started only nine years later. Next, I will examine a history of civil rights at the university, looking at the graduation of John Templeton in 1828 to the very relevant events surrounding the Selma movement today. Then I’ll move onto a history of athletics at the University, framing it within the rise of Rufus the Bobcat, our beautiful mascot. Finally, the concluding part of my article will focus on construction on campus. I want to give readers a good idea of what the Ohio University campus has looked like over the more than 200 years it has functioned.

The goal is to inform and educate our readers on the things that interest them. If there are any questions or anything specific you want to know (or any specific issues you would like to read about), please let me know! You can do that by using the hashtag #CampusCompared on social media or directly contact me through the links on my author page.

My question for the Campus Compared audience: what would you like to know about the founding of Ohio University and its rivalry with Miami?

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