Deconstructing Ohio University’s Construction: From Cutler to Walter

Students attending Ohio University today are obstructed by a number of detours — over the course of the 2015 school year, there were more than ten different places on campus that were either under construction or undergoing renovations. You could hardly walk any amount on campus without seeing unsightly chain link fences, avoiding loud excavators, or choking on dust being kicked up.

It seemed that when I arrived on campus in 2011, this was not an issue at all. Now, construction has taken away two dining halls, multiple streets, numerous classroom buildings as well as housing. It can be hard to enjoy the beautiful campus while simultaneously trying to plan your route to class with necessary detours in mind.

Are we just at a weird time when it seems that all the buildings are suddenly uninhabitable by anything other than bats? Or have students at Ohio University always had to deal with come sort of construction?

Below you can view two maps — one which details many of the renovations occurring in the last five years or so, and another which gives a more comprehensive look at the history of each building. In order to swap between the maps, simply click the box in the top left corner of the map and deselect either layer. See how the university has changed over time and more recently!

What do you think about all the construction on campus? Let us know in the comments below or use the hashtag #campuscompared to let us know on social media!

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